The Benefits of Massage on the Face

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Women and Men alike are more concerned with looking younger these days and the tell tale signs of old age are right on your face in frown lines, crows feet and puffy under eye bags.  Facial massage can fight aging in your face.  Receiving a “massage encourages blood circulation flooding the skin cells and tissues with nourishing oxygen…[that] help carry away waste products and carbon dioxide – - cleansing the skin”. 1 Many advocates of massage therapy have accepted the benefits that massage can have on your overall health and wellness, and facial massage is not to be excluded.

The benefits of facial massage show, so they are not to be ignored.  Facial massage firms your skin, increases its moisture and strengthens muscle fibers underneath the skin.  This type of massage gives your skin a healthy glow by removing old dead skin from the surface and the motions aid in the elimination of excess fluids underneath the skin which are known to cause puffy eyes.  All of the benefits of facial massage, in addition to making you look younger, keep you healthy.

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