Massage Benefits Children with ADHD


    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an excess of energy that has no outlet, possibly being caused by understimulation during infancy.1 Massage therapy helps ease tension and relax the client and therefore is seen as a viable option in treating the hyperactivity resulting from ADHD.  In a study by researcher Tiffany Field, executive director of the Miami-based Touch Research Institutes (TRI), massage therapy’s positive effect on adolescents with ADHD was confirmed.   The study, published in Adolescence magazine, was conducted on 28 adolescents diagnosed with ADHD.  Fourteen of these adolescents were given “15-minute massages for 10 consecutive school days”, and the other fourteen received “15 minutes of relaxation therapy for 10 consecutive school days”.1 After the 10 consecutive days of treatments the participants were assessed.  Those who received the massage therapy treatment were found to be happier, and their teachers reported positive changes in every student.

More recently, TRI conducted a study in which children with ADHD received two massages each week for a month.  This study aimed to test the long-term effect of massage therapy on ADHD. The results of this study found that the students who received massages were more productive, and their teachers reported each student as being less hyperactive.  

Massage therapy benefits those with ADHD by aligning the body and mind, and calming the patient.  Once calm, the patient is able to better focus and perform to his or her potential.  To learn more about our massage school visit or to schedule an appointment at our student massage clinic visit